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Code of Conduct


Special Operations Command Australia (SOCA) looks to only recruit members into its ranks that share our goals, vision and values. Every member of SOCA is expected to follow our rules. Members found in breach of our standards are removed. This is one of the reasons why we have outlasted many communities and the reason why we will continue to survive into the foreseeable future. Our standards are as follows :


  1. SOCA before all others: All of our troops are expected to act at all times with the best interest of SOCA in mind. Everything a person does whilst a member of SOCA reflects our overall image and that of every serving member. We expect everyone to only take actions that reflect positively on SOCA and the image we have worked hard to build over the years.


  1. It is not permitted to discuss and share information on behalf of SOCA without express permission from Battalion Headquarters (BHQ) or Company Commanders and only through approved channels. Any member found to do so, no matter how minor or trivial they may think the information was, has not acted within the best interest of SOCA.


  1. We are only looking to recruit great people not their in game characters. We do not care if you are the best player to ever have existed in a game, we are looking to maintain a great atmosphere full of friendships, self improvement and self discipline in a fun and mature manner. If you as a person do not fit in you will be removed from our roster.


  1. As a gaming community we act as a unit. We expect every member to have the backs of every other member and in turn they have yours. SOCA knows that sometimes self sacrifice and going beyond the call of duty is required of them to ensure we succeed in our goals. We assist our Brothers to ensure we reach excellence across the board, be it assistance with items, mentoring or whatever is needed as we know in turn they will do the same for us in return.


  1. Participation in Company Events : The Company Commanders organise Company Events, Trainings and competitions. Every member of that company is expected to try and take part in these events. We understand we all have lives outside of SOCA and that is fine but if you are online at the time of an event, you need to be participating. People spend their own time setting up these events, so coming for even a short time is expected to show your support for the Company.


  2. Participation in Community Events: Once a month SOCA hosts a community event night where a free to play game is chosen and we host a game night for it. Whilst it is not mandatory to participate in these events it is strongly encouraged you take some time from your regular games to join in as it helps maintain a strong sense of community with people you would not regularly game with.


  1. Leadership roles and Promotions are not given based on your TIME in SOCA. We pick our leadership in games based on Personal Character and demonstrated ability. Our Leadership works hard so you can enjoy your games. They are proven to have always acted in our best interest and are authorised to speak on SOCA’s behalf to the public on their designated game. They are our Representatives. You may not immediately see the reasoning behind their decisions the moment a command is ordered but all orders are expected to be followed immediately and to the best of your ability. Errors will be made. If you believe your Commanding officer is not acting in SOCA’s best interests or have an issue with their policies bring it to the attention of BHQ where they will be investigated and dealt with. Absent any command from BHQ the Company Commanders word is final.


  1. Failure to maintain an acceptable level of activity will result in removal from your Company. All members are expected to submit a Leave of Absence (LOA) via the forms section on the website for any leave over 2 weeks. For leave over 1 month we expect some correspondence via the forum to keep us updated of your situation. If you are inactive waiting for a new game to arise you are still expected to make Community Events and log into Teamspeak where possible. All AWOL members will be swiftly removed.


  1. Members may not Team Kill/Player Kill/Kill other members of SOCA or same faction members where it will reflect poorly on SOCA. Consensual Player Kill is permitted.


  1. Members may not cheat, hack or exploit glitches in games.


  1. Members at all times must behave in a mature, professional and community orientated manner. Immature, self focused members will not be tolerated.


  1. Personal attacks on other members, belittling or making another member feel uncomfortable in SOCA will not be tolerated. The standards of resolving conflicts are as follows: Talk to the Person one on one. If a resolution cannot be found, post an official complaint to BHQ using the forms section on the website. A BHQ member will be sent for mediation. Never return fire on any member or escalate the situation.


  2. Make friends in SOCA. At our core we are a Team Of Friends. So make friends. Those friendships make us strong. These friendships and experiences are what make us a great Community.


  3. The majority of our correspondence is done over forums. All members are expected to check the forums weekly for any changes or updates that may impact them. Not being aware due to not checking the forums is not an acceptable reason. Posting and joining in on discussion is also strongly encouraged to ensure you have your say as well as a great way to maintain relationships with all of SOCA even when not currently gaming.



Members who are incapable of following the above code of conduct will be removed from SOCA.