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  1. Trying to do a Alpha 2.0 showcase for the SOCA ppl, but game keeps crashing. grrr

    1. Neejrow


      This status update is a showcase in of itself then I guess?

    2. AdamFox


      Seriously considering just making a video review of the cuts of me saying "ok this is attempt #" with a wait for 2.1 at the end.

  2. [LiF] Day 0 - A New Beginning

    The storm that raged the night before ravaged our ship. The Captain was lost overboard some time in the early hours, dragged down to Rán's depths. The ship and crew, including myself went in not that soon after. Clearly Thor has some greater plan for us than the battle we originally set out on, for on the horizon land, a stroke of great fortune. Now for those of us that have survived, without the tools to build a ship, and with no knowledge of the direction home, we must start anew.