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  1. SOCA Minecraft: Feed the Beast Server

    Hey guys, just letting you know that SOCA now has a Minecraft Server running. It is using the Feed The Beast: Infinity Evolved mod pack. To Download the mod pack and play, follow the instructions below. You will need to own a copy of Minecraft to play! - Download FTB client from - Sign up - Select the FTB Infinity Evolved mod pack from the mod pack list. - Load up FTB - Connect to SOCA Teamspeak and join our Minecraft channel. - Ask Maximus to add you to the server Whitelist - Join server IP: If you have any issues with installation, please speak with @MaximusLeDerpus or @Dirt. Have fun!
  2. Server Smash Date Set - November 19th - 10PM AEDT

    Hey guys SOCA is participating in the upcoming ServerSmash! The date has been set for November 19th @ 10PM AEDT Here is the signup form ServerSmash Form if your interested in joining would be appreciated on behalf of SOCA. Other outfits such as JUGA, TROL, ZE7T and FCLM may be attending.
  3. Bravo Squad Training 8/6/2016

    Bravo's Back-to-Basics squad training for Applicants and newbies, all are welcome to attend.
  4. Bravo Squad Training 25/5/2016

    Bravo Squad Training S.O.C.A
  5. Bravo Squad Training 11/5/2016

    Bravo Squad Training S.O.C.A
  6. Bravo Squad Training 27/4/2016

    Bravo Squad training 7pm (Sydney & Queensland time)
  7. Bravo Squad Training 13/4/2016

    Bravo Squad training 7pm - 8:00pm AESDT (sydney)
  8. Bravo Squad Training 30/3/2016

    Bravo Squad Training Time: 7pm AESDT (Sydney) - 6pm EST (Brisbane) Druation: 60-90 min