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  1. Shits n Giggles Night

    Bravo Company - Planetside 2 - Shits n Giggles Night! 8:00PM AESDT through to 11:00PM AESDT Go Here for details:
  2. Bravo Company Update.

    Hi all! Just a quick recap on the last few weeks in Bravo Company. We have welcomed into Bravo 5 new members this last few weeks, those being Taggrip, TheShooterMcGavin, Ragerjames, Sheeda and most notably TheOriginalDirt, who having seen the error of his ways has returned to Bravo Company! So welcome to Bravo gentlemen! Also we had one of our most effective Sunday Night Ops last week with 19 captures and a positive K/D so a massive well done to everyone involved in that.
  3. Roosters Basic Infantry Training

    See this for info.
  4. MBT Training

    MBT (Prowler) Training with Rooster. Starts at 7:30PM AEDT till 9:30PM. See below for details.
  5. Shits n Giggles

    Shits n Giggles Night Held in the Events Channel (Bravo Company) Further details available here.
  6. until

    Ill be in on this one molly since ive been harping at you to get your ass into gear and do one