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  1. until

    Photoshop is for nerds, paint is where its at!
  2. Battlefield 1 Battlefest Event

    According to Dice on their Roadmap, Battlefest begins on 16th Nov. It will coincide with the first patch since launch by the look of things. Battlefest is a week long celebration and while the details are sketchy its best we organised a SOCA get together to kick ass and take names in whatever activity's and custom maps are happening. Friday 18th Nov, 8pm Syd time (AEDT) till late!
  3. Battlefield 1

    Battlefield 1 Friday night shenanigans! Friday 28th Oct, 8pm Syd Time till late! Lets squad up and visit the battlefields of yesteryear! Let experience what our forefathers experienced in the great war! I haven't looked into it but i assume medics back then had syringes that could bring people back from the dead. Also assume WW1 was basically fought over capture points.
  4. Battlefield 1942 Community game

    Battlefield 1942 Community game night on Saturday 5th March 8:30pm Download Link:
  5. Don't be sexist because being sexist is wrong and being wrong is for women

    1. Neejrow


      Can't argue with that logic.

  6. Ps2 Set up Basics Will Trollson

    7pm Weds 16th (Yes another last second class) showing you how to setup and tweak your game settings to give you the best advantage possible. Will cover Frames, mouse sensitivity and muscle memory, setting up overlays, goals and how to practice. Goal is to fix something everyone is lacking. 100% success in raising people's accuracy and hsr to 28/28+ which is entry level acceptable in this gam
  7. until

    So, I was gonna setup Arma using Paz's guide the link to Download the referenced program to get the mods appears to not direct correctly anymore, it takes you to the home page. can someone provide the link again?