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  1. until

    Instructions unclear, caught dick in ceiling fan. 10/10 game - IGN and Einstein.
  2. Merry Christmas to all of SOCA! <3 your favourite forum troll.

    Molotov for Colonel, 2016 #robbed #bestheadclicker #givemeapresentcunt

    1. Paja


      "Molotov for Colonel, 2016 #robbed #bestheadclicker #givemeapresentcunt "


  3. until

    11/10 IGN - I come from the future, was amazing. Very informative, much wow! Look at that avatar, seems like a trustworthy guy to me! Just look at that expertly sized and positioned banner. Clearly going to be amazeballs. This review is entirely factual and any attempts to refute it's contents will be met with Molotov's alter ego:
  4. Squad Leadership training with Molotov

    What will I be covering (Still WIP): What command expects of squad leaders. Some do's and do not's when considering implementation of commands. What to do when commands cease or do not arrive fast enough. How to deal with troublesome squad members. Problem solving under pressure. Dealing with problems with orders you disagree with (correctly) both with the commanding officer and your squad members. Communication, when, why and how much? (Including use of Whisper lists) How to suggest changes or request changes constructively. How to understand the current objective in context? (Why would one base be favored over another? How I make my decisions during OPs) How to disobey commands in such a way that I won't hold it against you... A command vs a suggestion (and how much discretion you have, when to apply that) My pointers for running your own Platoon and leadership at a higher level. WWMD? [What would Molotov do?] Some examples Question time! (Max. 15 minutes, I know what you guys can be like ) Should only take an hour but with plenty of moving around and shooting people to break it up, may take an hour and a half. If you have any topics/questions you would like to cover, reply or private message me.
  5. Bravo Fireteam Training with OverlordAdams

    Details here, any questions should be directed to OverlordAdams.
  6. Bravo Company: Squad Leader Training

    Posted on behalf of Miskaton who will be running the training. All questions should be directed to him. Additional details can be found here.
  7. Bravo Basic Training - With Molotov!

    This has been requested of me quite a lot recently. Please respond if you are interested in attending, I will be running through the SOCA basics as I see them and then going into some bits and pieces on the game and how I like to play. None of this will be amazing news to any SOCA veterans but anyone included the crusty old fart vets are welcome to come along. Should only take an hour but I will go as long as needed to answer all questions and cover all content as needed.
  8. until

    P.S. I will only be running this if someone is keen to attend. Otherwise I will put it off until next week.
  9. Bravo Officer Meeting (LCpl+)

    All non-LOA officers need to be there. If unable to make it, be ready to accept the outcome. So be there to have a say in what your rank has to do. Cheers, Molotov.
  10. Planetside 2 Serversmash vs Miller

    Everyone knows this is on. 240 vs 240 on Jeager (A separate event server). Miller is a European server, match start is 10pm AEST, all members involved (reserves included) will need to be there at least 30 min before start, preferably 1 hour. Any and all questions should be directed to MolotovAssassin. Alternatively information is available Here. Team is: 1MolotovAssassin - SL2MarfoirAU - 2IC3Telekinetick4Valexius5MrChris6OverlordAdams7Rockmann8TrueSight9BenSeacrow10Talnar11rooster25012Miskaton (?)/GeorgeReserves: MrChrisTrollinGeorge
  11. until

    Try and turn up 30 min or more early so we can make sure everyone is good to go.
  12. Alpha vs Bravo - Arma 3

    Buckle up kiddies, Alpha (The United States of Milsim) are trying to destroy Bravo's (Freedom fighters for the rights of all SOCA members to not Milsim) weapon caches. Hopefully Digo will have actually made the map and not been a sped about it. I look forward to the showdown, see you there everyone, come for many laughs and some epic shit talking. ~Chief Terrorist Molotov. To set up your Mods, Paz has made a guide to help: Click here If you need help, ask someone who has it all set up, there are plenty of us. Forum topic: Here
  13. until

    Winner takes all what? I'm confused haha.
  14. until

    Going to edit Paz's post so it works again. Will be done soon. EDIT: All done.
  15. until

    But where is the fun in that?