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  1. until

    Good shit.
  2. Guns of Icarus! w/ TCFB & GUNR

    Let's take our banditry to the skies this Tuesday tomorrow night with the merry crews of TCFB and GUNR. Airships, explosions, shanties, and jolly cooperation. Be on Briggs Communal TS by 7pm Perth, 10pm Syd. It is a week night, so while alcohol consumption is not strictly required, it is still definitely encouraged. Mark your attendance here. Each airship requires 4 players - last time we did this we fielded 6 airships.
  3. until

    This event is amazeballs.
  4. LiF - Judgement Hour

    Try to be on an hour before to secure your spot on the server, along with some prep and a quick briefing.
  5. until

  6. is busy as always. #buttstuff

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      Dirty old man