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  1. Neej Hosts a Lions In Key party

    All come for full RP goodness

  3. The International (TI) is an annual Dota 2 eSports tournament boasting the largest prize pools in esports history. The initial prize pool was seeded with $1,600,000 from the developers, with more to be added from players through in-game purchases of the 2016 The International Battle Pass. The current prize pool is $19,333,779 with $8,506,863 for FIRST PLACE! Competing teams are as follows : Action kicks off 9am PDT on the 2nd of august with the wildcard and group stages. Main event starts 10am PDT the 8th till the 13th. Will open up a teamspeak channel over this event for anyone who wants to enjoy the stream with other SOCA members.
  4. Albion Online

    The Final Beta has started and the games crew hosted an AMA. If you have never heard of this game but want to relive your ultima or eve glory days check out the site! Original Post Hi everyone, We are Sandbox Interactive, developers of the Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online! Albion Online features a fully player-driven economy and game world, catering to players who are looking to trade, craft, build, fight and conquer in a huge sandbox environment with a strong focus on group play and social interaction reminiscent of old school MMORPGs. You can get a taste of what Albion Online is about in our Final Beta Trailer. The Final Beta phase of Albion Online started today, August 1. In addition to the three big content additions we put in during our last testing phase, lots of great improvements have been put into the game that warranted a server wipe: • We have built a whole new world, introducing different biomes like swamps and mountains • Established an artifact system allowing to craft meaningful loot into unique equipment • Implement a crime and reputation system to allow for more direct consequences to your actions • Countless other additions that you can read up on here! One of the most exciting projects for the near future is a re-design of our UI, specifically tailored for PC. Our independently developed MMORPG now has more than 150,000 Founders that brought in over $7 million in (crowd-)funding. It draws inspiration from games like EVE Online, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, League of Legends, and Runescape. We, that means Stefan, aka Bercilak, the CEO of Sandbox Interactive, and some of our Game Designers and Community Managers, are here to answer any and all questions you have about our game over the next few hours. If you want to find out more before you dive into asking questions, feel free to head on over to our Homepage, thesubreddit our Youtube Channel, Facebook or Twitter. Now, ask away! Kind regards, The Albion Online Team
  5. Weekly LoLs

    Monday morning back to the weekly grind at school or work thought i may post something weekly to start the day off with a laugh. So i present the Adventures of Lunk from Cyanide & Happiness check out the website full of much laughter.
  6. getyourmechon Mechwarrior Online

    Hi everyone! Just like to make everyone aware of the new Flavor of the Month game that has been gaining a lot of traction among our Cooler members Mechwarrior Online. It is a slow paced first person shooter / tank hybrid type game that sees you in the cockpit of up to 100T giant robots. Everyone is loving it so far and we have seen the return of many members waiting for something to dive into. Check the community games section for some more discussion on the game. Currently games kick off after 8pm peaking around 9-10 but every fortnight we have a big Mech night. F2P model so jump on in!

  8. socas finest Farmers League is BACK?

    Planetside 2 Farmers! It looks like it has resurfaced guys and we are looking to put forth a very strong team this time around. For those of you who are new or never heard of this League before here is a little information : The league is a 6v6 outfit v outfit tournament. Matches will consist of a 30 minute game split into two 15 minute halves. The competing teams will switch Sunderer spawn locations at the 15 minute halftime mark. The winner of the match will be decided by the cumulative score of both halves. Scoring is as follows : Infantry versus infantry kills: 2 points. Infantry versus MAX kills with any weapon/tool/explosive: 5 points. Infantry versus infantry kills with explosives*: 0 points. Infantry versus infantry kills with engineer turret (both types): 1 point. Infantry kills with underslung shotgun and grenade launcher: 0 points. Infantry kills with shotguns (as a whole): 0 points MAX versus infantry kills: 1 point. MAX versus MAX kills: 3 points. Team kills: -5 points. Infantry suicide: -2 points. MAX suicide: -5 points. Neutral base capture: 10 points. Enemy base capture: 25 points. * (C4, Prox/Betty/Claymore, Rockets) So come out with the most points at the end of 30 minutes you win! The most important thing this time around is i am sure ISNC will be looking in our direction so lets be prepared for a great grudge match! So check the Bravo forums for details of the Time and Date of the trials and trainings and lets do everything we can to make sure our team does well. Here is a match from our previous season vs RSNC so you can all have an idea what to expect. The camera work has come a long way since then.
  9. Yeh confirmed over 1k in aud + shipping.