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  1. until

    @Poundsy was at the bridge @MisterChristopher was in the gun shop @Dismos and I were on the guns. All in all it was a slow day battling SC bugs trying to get into vehicles. We decided to have a game of FPS before we left and had a blast and tipped the scales to get 3 wins in a row. Thanks Poundsy & Dismos your knowledge of all things SC is invaluable. Thanks for hosting a fun night Poundsy. We had fun and I have the gif to prove it ...
  2. until

    After a slow start to Thursday night ops it turned out to be well worth it for the TR. Thanks to the three or four guys who stuck with me while we got a squad and a bit established and went on to take both the NC and VS warp-gates and steel the continent-win with Victory points. I thought everyone worked together like a machine with no shortage of vehicle or infantry force as needed. We kept 'em guessing by always starting the next cap before switching lanes and we even held off half the VS air force for the final cap to seal victory at the VS Warp-Gate. So proud of all you SOCA guys! Well Done. Rock #WINNING
  3. top gun


    Sounds good! Hoping to be there for that. Will have to bring extra RedBull