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  1. SQUAD Wednesday Event

    Brief: We are beginning to start Official events for squad since the game is in a very stable state and has more vehicles then previous versions. There will be more to come within the development I know for a fact their goal is to make it as much as Project reality. So expect aviation down the track (you SOCA pilots). For SOCA wise it will be done by stages for making it into a dedicated/company game we will play. Not a simple throw the papers out and Go Go Go (old school never works), this will be conducted very carefully and at a slow rate. If there is 12 dedicated people that will be playing that's good, the end goal will be 30 to cover 70% of the team for matches. This will take approximately 3 months hahah maybe more.
  2. SQUAD Free Weekend Event

    Brief: The game SQUAD is having another free weekend so it will be best to host an event for it . You can start to play and download on Thursday so you can be ready for the following nights event or try the game out yourself. We will be conducting ourselves as one Squad (If many show up 2 squads) and will be setting up SOCA badges in-game too. To show other players a clan is playing (MORE RECRUITS YEA MATE). (make sure you put a space after "]") TIMING: 07/04/17 7:00pm AEDT
  3. Thank you and Goodbye ARMA

    I know i should of done this earlier but @Neejrow loves dinglish. We just removed the ArmA channel from ts since well no one plays it and since the lack of interest/activity cause us to pull the plug and not intend to push forward with it. But through the years with ArmA 3 we had some great runs that people enjoyed and scream like the zombie events or the slaughter of ISIS/Taliban. One of the main reason for it not being huge as PS2 is because of the mods required to get what we wanted to play and enjoy (gigabytes of them haha). I do like to thank those who did and try to put effort into the franchise to get another side of the community going but sadly wasn't successful . I know i did myself put many hours into it developing maps and missions for the community to play so it was hard to let it go for myself because of all the work I did. But after a few Coke & Scotches i forgot all about my work haha. Anyway like i said thank you for those who did smash the game with me and pull some hectic missions and operations for others to play. Now is this the end of Modern Warfare/Military team work, fuck no. BHQ staff members understand the reason why ArmA wasn't a big hit but we know one game will be at the end of the year SQUAD. We have agreed and we will be beginning that title once it is release, it is made by those who made Project Reality in BF2 (Which is a standalone title now and free). For those who have no idea its mix between Battlefield and ARMA. PvP combat on a large scale 50v50 battlefield with Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Air. More Information visit their site: We are looking forward to this title (I am personally) and I know we can deliver some great things and new members to the community. Some Pictures/Videos of our experience from ARMA: Thank you Gentleman and ta mate
  4. ARMA 3 - Convoy Mission

    After destroying the isis supply depo and Mr Allah got shelled by a motor by CNOH boys. We have gathered what remains from the compound and ready to move out to a abandoned Airfield to the south of TAKASTAN. From there will be a c130 ready to pickup the vehicles. We have bushmasters and a attachment of aviation and medium Armour units to kind the supplies through the mountains. Knowing isis they will setup traps and ambushes along the way there so stay sharpe boys. TIMING: 7:30pm AEST 24/06/16 - Friday SLOTS : 8 armour members: free 5 aviation members: free 24 infantry members: free MODS: Ta mate kill the isis niggers:
  5. Dawn of War UA Match

    Hey guys, Talk to some MOV boys and are happy to do a Dawn of War Match with the UA mod. Game can hold up to 8 players if there is more people that do come along we will do team matches and determine who is the best team in a leader board. Game Required to play: You only need Dawn of War: SoulStorm to play in this event, however you will not be able to play certain factions due to you don't have the previous games (DoW 1, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade). - All the DoW 1 games. - SoulStorm On it own. Mod: (Latest version plus Patch)
  6. SOCA Zombies

    This is the Official Time for the event do apologize for any issues. Postponed from Friday to Saturday as per Digo's request.
  7. Star Citizen Discussion

    This discussion will just outline: 1) What ya guys think of game and will we defiantly do something for it on release. 2) Discuss your opinions on what you wish SOCA to be OR go with original plan of PMC 3) NEW draft of the structure to fit our numbers 4) Who will volunteer to redo and make out Org Page better quality to fit our community. 5) Anymore questions?