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SOCA Rust Update & Sale


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give a quick promotion of the SOCA Rust Clan, it's been going great since the leaders made the decision to switch over to the Sydney 1 Server.

We were besieged yesterday but our members managed to hold off the raid group of 8 or 9 fully geared people. We actually managed to get 13 members SOCA Rust members online at once, so activity is great. The base has been about 80% completed now, and there is still 3 weeks left until the server wipe so plenty of time for new players to join us this phase. Rust is currently ON SALE (50% off) @ $9.99USD so it's a great time to pick up the game and give it a try. But Hurry, the sale ends 12 hours from this post!

I have put together a quick little video of an incident yesterday where a strange naked man visited our base....

Enjoy, and hope to see you join the SOCA Rust crew!


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User Feedback


Sorry to say mate that we no longer have an official rust community. We progressed too much and most of us got bored of it after a while.

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