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SOCA Rust Clan: All Welcome


SOCA would like to introduce you to our newest game addition, Rust. We already have an established clan thanks to the work of @Kisho @Buggolos @Retridemption and @Ritoguy.

Everyone in SOCA is encouraged to join the clan. If you are unaware of what Rust is, it's a survival game similar to that of Life is Feudal but with a much larger player base. It can be purchased for $20 USD via the Rust Steam Page.

Our Rust clan now has it's own information section on our website, which can be accessed via the menu under the Games section. Also if you want to send the link to your friends to apply, you can use this easy to remember URL. 

Currently our Clan is on the Sydney 2 Small Rust server. It is an unlisted server that can be accessed via IP (
This server resets (wipes) once a month on the first Friday of the month. So now is a great time to get in early and join our Rust group!

All members must undergo a 1 week trial period before becoming a verified member of the Rust clan. Please feel free to put in an application form on our Rust page.

If you have any questions about Rust please feel free to speak to any of our current Rust Leaders on our Teamspeak 3 Server.

Below are a few screenshots and video of Rust!






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User Feedback

We're always happy to have new members join us, no matter the level of experience you have in the game.

If anybody has any questions and none of the leadership team are in the Rust channel, feel free to ask any of our current members, or shoot myself, @Ritoguy, or @Retridemption a message through the forums and we'll get back to you ASAP.

A few of the popular YouTubers for Rust are: Ser Winter, BCHILLZ!, VERTiiGO GAMING, and faceless. Take a look at these guys if you'd like to see some more gameplay.

We look forward to seeing people come join the team!

- Bug

Edited by Buggolos
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