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planetside 2
Planetside 2 - 4th Anniversary Bundle


Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that the 4th Anniversary bundle for Planetside 2 is now LIVE!


Below are all the details. Please keep in mind that the 6 month Heroic boost will only be granted to the character you PURCHASE on. So make sure you purchase on your TR :SymbolTR16:


Well, Auraxians. You’ve been fighting a brave fight for four years now. We’re impressed by your dedication to your empire, your fortitude on the battle field, and your willingness to always answer the call of duty.   

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Fourth Anniversary Bundles have arrived in the Depot and we've turned on double experience between now and November 27th!

 The bundles cost 3999 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 3999 Battle Cash (PS4). The bundles include:

  • Four Weapons (a sniper, SMG, assault rifle, and archer) per Empire
  • Fourth Anniversary Camo for each Empire
  • Fourth Anniversary Armor Decal for each Empire
  • Fourth Anniversary Vehicle Decal for each Empire
  • 6-Month Heroic Boost*


*The 6-Month Heroic Boost in this bundle can only be used on the character who purchased the bundle. The other items are account-wide.  

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I woke up this morning, bought it, then went to work and got it paid off. EZ PZ

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