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Join SOCA in Vanilla World of Warcraft!


Hey everyone.

We are proud to announce that SOCA Gaming will be forming a World of Warcraft guild on the upcoming Elysium Project server. This server runs World of Warcraft vanilla (original) with no expansions. The game is FREE TO PLAY and there are no subscription fees

If you are looking to relive your glory days of World of Warcraft back when the game was good (and hard!) then you are welcome to join us. Never played World of Warcraft before? No problem! We have a plethora of very experienced members who will help you learn the ropes.

Our goals for this are to all level up at a similar rate with your 'group' in the beginning, enjoy the content from the very first dungeons available at low levels, all the way to 60. Click here to view the list of 5 man Dungeons available and their level requirements.

So invite some mates and roll 5 characters that can do dungeons together, or form a group from the list of SOCA members who will be looking to group up for Dungeons.

This way it allows people to enjoy the content between levels 11-60 at their own pace. And when the majority of the guild has reached the max level (60) we will start actively gearing up our players by running the first 10 man raid, Upper Blackrock Spire. Eventually we will look in to forming 20 man raids for Zul'Gurub and finally even 40 man raids for The Molten Core!

Tonight we will be releasing a poll on the forums to let people vote on which faction they would prefer, Horde or Alliance! (Update - Alliance wins!)

As it stands we have decided to roll our guild onto the PvP fresh-start Elysium server, where all players begin at level 1. The release date for the server will be announced some time tomorrow and should be no more than a week away from this post(Update - the rollover server starts December 18th but our fresh start server will be sometime mid January)

Get hyped everyone and we hope you will join us in the World of Warcraft!


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User Feedback

Mate they are getting it as close to the original content as possible so no boosts/increasedxp/p2w gear.

They have fixed some early bugs and problems so it is vanilla content by the barrel load.

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Guys just remember to check forums tomorrow night as we are supposedly getting the launch date after tonight's 3am stress test.

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On 04/12/2016 at 8:47 PM, DoritosAndCheese said:

But seriously, should go Tauren-only and call our guild The Herd

That's a silly idea.

All Gnomes and called The Lollipop Guild! That's how you inspire fear.


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