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socas finest
Farmers League is BACK?


Planetside 2 Farmers!

It looks like it has resurfaced guys and we are looking to put forth a very strong team this time around.


For those of you who are new or never heard of this League before here is a little information :



The league is a 6v6 outfit v outfit tournament. Matches will consist of a 30 minute game split into two 15 minute halves.  The competing teams will switch Sunderer spawn locations at the 15 minute halftime mark.  The winner of the match will be decided by the cumulative score of both halves.


Scoring is as follows : 


Infantry versus infantry kills:  2 points.

Infantry versus MAX kills with any weapon/tool/explosive:  5 points.

Infantry versus infantry kills with explosives*:  0 points.

Infantry versus infantry kills with engineer turret (both types):  1 point.

Infantry kills with underslung shotgun and grenade launcher:  0 points.

Infantry kills with shotguns (as a whole): 0 points

MAX versus infantry kills:  1 point.

MAX versus MAX kills:  3 points.

Team kills:  -5 points.

Infantry suicide: -2 points.

MAX suicide: -5 points.

Neutral base capture:  10 points.

Enemy base capture:  25 points.

* (C4, Prox/Betty/Claymore, Rockets)


So come out with the most points at the end of 30 minutes you win!


The most important thing  this time around is i am sure ISNC will be looking in our direction so lets be prepared for a great grudge match!

So check the Bravo forums for details of the Time and Date of the trials and trainings and lets do everything we can to make sure our team does well.

Here is a match from our previous season vs RSNC so you can all have an idea what to expect. The camera work has come a long way since then.







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