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DOTA 2 TI6: And the winner is.....


Well there were some epic games played during this years Dota 2 The International 6. Easily Valves greatest event they have hosted. No delays, many surprises and great #production value.

The Wings Gaming ends up being the grand final winner, unfortunately my boys EG couldn't make it past the Lower Bracket final today and lost 2-1 to Digital Chaos. The final game of the lower bracket was a nail biter in the dying moments, with EG going for an all out 5 man last ditch effort to destroy the base of Digital Chaos. VOD below.

As for the Grand Final I didn't actually watch it due to wanting to go bed after EG lost at about 6:30am, but here are the game results below.


To wrap up, here are a few great moments from the event.

The Panel becomes Muppets......


#Production Value - Augmented Reality extremely realistic

New Hero Pitlord gets announced at the All Stars Match


Another new Hero is announced!


Valve Memes it up by acknowledging the 'Weather Man' Meme about Purge on Reddit due to his segments being like a Weathermans


My personal favourite was Game 1 of EG vs EHOME. One of the best comebacks in TI history.

Annual Caster MMR Rating based on attire

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