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By Neejrow, in News,

To celebrate the end of another year for SOCA we are holding a games night on Friday the 23rd of December. All are welcome to attend including community members and friends. We have chosen 2 free to play games this year that we will be playing. You can attend any of the events you wish to.  A schedule is below (although don't expect it to be too accurate on the night!)
We hope to see a big turnout and an enjoyable night for everyone involved.
When: Friday 23rd December 2016 @ 8PM AEDT
Duration: 4+ hours
Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Academy
Tribes Ascend
Note: ALL GAMES ARE FREE TO PLAY! See download links and install instructions below.
8:00PM - 9:30PM AEDT
Jedi Academy
9:30-11:00PM AEDT
Tribes Ascend
11:00PM onwards
Random (PS2/Cards/Drawing Game)
Jedi Academy (1.17gb)
Tribes Ascend (Steam) (4.1gb) 
Jedi Academy
If you have any problems with installations please speak to Neejrow on Teamspeak.

By Neejrow, in News,

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to give a quick promotion of the SOCA Rust Clan, it's been going great since the leaders made the decision to switch over to the Sydney 1 Server.
We were besieged yesterday but our members managed to hold off the raid group of 8 or 9 fully geared people. We actually managed to get 13 members SOCA Rust members online at once, so activity is great. The base has been about 80% completed now, and there is still 3 weeks left until the server wipe so plenty of time for new players to join us this phase. Rust is currently ON SALE (50% off) @ $9.99USD so it's a great time to pick up the game and give it a try. But Hurry, the sale ends 12 hours from this post!
I have put together a quick little video of an incident yesterday where a strange naked man visited our base....
Enjoy, and hope to see you join the SOCA Rust crew!
Hey everyone.
We are proud to announce that SOCA Gaming will be forming a World of Warcraft guild on the upcoming Elysium Project server. This server runs World of Warcraft vanilla (original) with no expansions. The game is FREE TO PLAY and there are no subscription fees. 
If you are looking to relive your glory days of World of Warcraft back when the game was good (and hard!) then you are welcome to join us. Never played World of Warcraft before? No problem! We have a plethora of very experienced members who will help you learn the ropes.
Our goals for this are to all level up at a similar rate with your 'group' in the beginning, enjoy the content from the very first dungeons available at low levels, all the way to 60. Click here to view the list of 5 man Dungeons available and their level requirements.
So invite some mates and roll 5 characters that can do dungeons together, or form a group from the list of SOCA members who will be looking to group up for Dungeons.
This way it allows people to enjoy the content between levels 11-60 at their own pace. And when the majority of the guild has reached the max level (60) we will start actively gearing up our players by running the first 10 man raid, Upper Blackrock Spire. Eventually we will look in to forming 20 man raids for Zul'Gurub and finally even 40 man raids for The Molten Core!
Tonight we will be releasing a poll on the forums to let people vote on which faction they would prefer, Horde or Alliance! (Update - Alliance wins!)
As it stands we have decided to roll our guild onto the PvP fresh-start Elysium server, where all players begin at level 1. The release date for the server will be announced some time tomorrow and should be no more than a week away from this post. (Update - the rollover server starts December 18th but our fresh start server will be sometime mid January)
Get hyped everyone and we hope you will join us in the World of Warcraft!


By Neejrow, in News,

Just a quick news update to let everyone know that it's that time of year in the USA where people devolve into animals frothing at the mouth, ready to kill to get their grubby hands on a $10 toaster at Walmart. Yes that's right it's Black Friday.
Well thankfully that same great tradition also has made it's way into online game sales, where you can get great deals on games without having to degrade yourself and get trampled on by 300 pound adults with a penchant for violence. is just one of the many online game stores that are having a Black Friday sale. So if anyone finds some great deals on games, feel free to post them in this thread.
Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that the 4th Anniversary bundle for Planetside 2 is now LIVE!
Below are all the details. Please keep in mind that the 6 month Heroic boost will only be granted to the character you PURCHASE on. So make sure you purchase on your TR 

Well, Auraxians. You’ve been fighting a brave fight for four years now. We’re impressed by your dedication to your empire, your fortitude on the battle field, and your willingness to always answer the call of duty.   
To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Fourth Anniversary Bundles have arrived in the Depot and we've turned on double experience between now and November 27th!
 The bundles cost 3999 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 3999 Battle Cash (PS4). The bundles include:
Four Weapons (a sniper, SMG, assault rifle, and archer) per Empire Fourth Anniversary Camo for each Empire Fourth Anniversary Armor Decal for each Empire Fourth Anniversary Vehicle Decal for each Empire 6-Month Heroic Boost*  
*The 6-Month Heroic Boost in this bundle can only be used on the character who purchased the bundle. The other items are account-wide.  

By Neejrow, in News,

SOCA would like to introduce you to our newest game addition, Rust. We already have an established clan thanks to the work of @Kisho @Buggolos @Retridemption and @Ritoguy.
Everyone in SOCA is encouraged to join the clan. If you are unaware of what Rust is, it's a survival game similar to that of Life is Feudal but with a much larger player base. It can be purchased for $20 USD via the Rust Steam Page.
Our Rust clan now has it's own information section on our website, which can be accessed via the menu under the Games section. Also if you want to send the link to your friends to apply, you can use this easy to remember URL. 
Currently our Clan is on the Sydney 2 Small Rust server. It is an unlisted server that can be accessed via IP (
This server resets (wipes) once a month on the first Friday of the month. So now is a great time to get in early and join our Rust group!
All members must undergo a 1 week trial period before becoming a verified member of the Rust clan. Please feel free to put in an application form on our Rust page.
If you have any questions about Rust please feel free to speak to any of our current Rust Leaders on our Teamspeak 3 Server.
Below are a few screenshots and video of Rust!


Hey guys, just letting you know that SOCA now has a Minecraft Server running. It is using the Feed The Beast: Infinity Evolved mod pack. To Download the mod pack and play, follow the instructions below.
You will need to own a copy of Minecraft to play!
- Download FTB client from
- Sign up
- Select the FTB Infinity Evolved mod pack from the mod pack list.
- Load up FTB
- Connect to SOCA Teamspeak and join our Minecraft channel.
- Ask Maximus to add you to the server Whitelist
- Join server IP:
If you have any issues with installation, please speak with @MaximusLeDerpus or @Dirt.
Have fun!

By DigoAlmino, in News,

I know i should of done this earlier but @Neejrow loves dinglish. We just removed the ArmA channel from ts since well no one plays it and since the lack of interest/activity cause us to pull the plug and not intend to push forward with it. But through the years with ArmA 3 we had some great runs that people enjoyed and scream like the zombie events or the slaughter of ISIS/Taliban. One of the main reason for it not being huge as PS2 is because of the mods required to get what we wanted to play and enjoy (gigabytes of them haha).
I do like to thank those who did and try to put effort into the franchise to get another side of the community going but sadly wasn't successful  . I know i did myself put many hours into it developing maps and missions for the community to play so it was hard to let it go for myself because of all the work I did. But after a few Coke & Scotches i forgot all about my work haha.
Anyway like i said thank you for those who did smash the game with me and pull some hectic missions and operations for others to play.
Now is this the end of Modern Warfare/Military team work, fuck no. BHQ staff members understand the reason why ArmA wasn't a big hit but we know one game will be at the end of the year SQUAD. We have agreed and we will be beginning that title once it is release, it is made by those who made Project Reality in BF2 (Which is a standalone title now and free). For those who have no idea its mix between Battlefield and ARMA. PvP combat on a large scale 50v50 battlefield with Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Air. 
More Information visit their site:
We are looking forward to this title (I am personally) and I know we can deliver some great things and new members to the community.
Some Pictures/Videos of our experience from ARMA:

Thank you Gentleman and ta mate