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SOCA (Special Operation Command Australia) is a co-ordinated Military Realism Gaming Community. This started around June 2012 with a population of 13 members. Still going this day, it has now reached a member base of about 190 - 200 people from all over the world playing games such as ARMA 3, Planet Side 2, Mount & Blade and a wide base of community games.

With the excitement surrounding the release of Star Citizen, several members of SOCA have gone into overdrive in beginning to look at how SOCA will integrate into SC. We aim to have both an economic and a military wing to establish a formidable in game force. We will be looking out for SOCA’s interests and ours alone, if there is any threat to our in game interests we will act accordingly to establish ourselves as a force, both economically and militarily in game. We are also beginning to type up specifics of what each job entails and what will be expected of people in game.

For those looking at merchant or mining job, you will be provided with 2 fighter escorts to your every merchant ship to ensure to trade proceeds according to plan. As a result of this, the SOCA economy with become stronger, more secure and far more profitable. However as a result a tax of sorts will be incurred with the split going 3 ways. The vast majority staying with the merchant and or miner, another portion going to the two fighter escorts and the last going to Fleet Command who will use the funds to upgrade SOCA facilities and buy new ships and weapons for our military wing.

For those who want to do more fighting and participate in the defence of SOCA facilities and ships, Military operations is where you want to be. We will have a Fighter platoon which will be the main aerial combat wing of SOCA and actively seek out and destroy targets of opportunity and also when the time comes provide security for Fleet. The Transport platoon will specialise in the boarding of enemy vessels and the transportation of the Infantry platoon to its various assignments. Transport will also transport weapons and goods for SOCA that merchants do not have time to do. The Infantry will excel in their ability to board and capture enemy ships, space stations and on land bases. They will almost always be transported into battle by the Transport platoon and will usually operate with close air support from both the Transport platoon and the Fighter platoon.

Alas, there may be some who prefer to work at a higher level and look after the greater good of SOCA by working with Fleet to coordinate efforts of the two branches of SOCA. You will crew Command vessels and assist in conceiving ideas and missions for the various platoons. As often as we can we will try to get you fighting people during an operation but more often than not you will be in a leadership role.

Applicants should be aware that when not on operations or training and unless there is a large group of SOCA people online who want to work together, you can go off and do whatever interest you, as long as in doesn’t breach SOCA SC outline which will be typed up closer to release.

We have training and operations every week keeping players guessing what we will be doing next. With everybody having a fair say on what operations could be, it makes it very fun to see your hard work to pay off.

More specific details will be put up on the forums when respective members get the time to do them. Any suggestions for additional platoons or units is welcome as is any strategy input.