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About Us

SOCA Gaming is a friendly and Teamwork oriented gaming community. We have been around in the Mount & Blade community for some time and hoping to start with Holdfast. Our regiment was first formed in 2014, then known as 33DWR. In 2015 we renamed to SOCA. In 2017 we have invited a team of dedicated people to officially run a Napoloenic Wars Regiment called 66e, a French Regiment to support Holdfast.

Line Battles/Naval Battles

Line Battles and Naval Battles are one of SOCA's main focus. These happen three or more times a week and are performed seriously as SOCA prides itself on being one of the most organised and effective large lines within the events. PTS in play within matches for officers to give out orders. We also provide a weekly training with a roster of different leaders each week to take the training. All trainings are open to all Charlie Company Members/Cadets.

Sunday Line/Naval Battle - 7:00pm (AEST)

This event is for people who are still happy to play all the way through the weekend. The main focus is Fridays and Saturdays.

Training & Events

SOCA provides weekly training sessions and events to enhance your Holdfast: Nations at War experience. Each training is to further develop our members skills in game and our communication. Trainings and events are open to all Charlie Company Members & Cadets. Training will teach in game tactics as well as useful commands used in and out of Napoleonic combat. This is to extend our knowledge and to work as a cohesive unit. Also enough casual play thrown in there to create a sense of mateship and community.


As SOCA is a multi-gaming community and our ranking structure based around the Australian Defence Force, we have 2 seperate command structures. Battalion Headquarters or BHQ is assigned to running the overall SOCA Gaming Community, and Charlie Company (our Holdfast: Nations at War Company) has it's own leaders that run the affairs of the Company/game itself.

Rank Structure

SOCA has based it's ranking structure off the Australian Defense Force system, but provides role play french naming for ingame. Below is a list of the ranks currently available in Charlie Company (Holdfast: Nations at War) and a brief overview of what their roles are.

Joining SOCA

Below is a short list of our expectations and requirements for those interesting in joining SOCA. If you believe you meet the below recommendations, feel free to submit an enlistment to SOCA by clicking the APPLY NOW button.