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What is it?

Whether they learned their craft shit flinging pubs on a Friday night, or orchestrating serious platoon ops on Sunday afternoons, the ultimate platoon leader showdown 'SCHOOL YARD - OLD BOYZ' aims to showcase the cancerous strategic minds that have festered in SOCA for years since launch. We invite all of SOCA, old and new to join us on this night. So search your email list, your steam friends and venture into your alternate TS channels to find the old planetmans and bring them back to us for a final salty jam in Auraxis!!

In response to the thread.

How will it work?

- SOCA will elect two team captains.
- At 6.30pm on the night, captains take turns picking players for their team.
- The winner of a coin flip will decide between NC and VS. (Nobody is TR)
- A VS / NC LIVE SERVER lane is chosen to fight on for 2 hours.
- Whichever team takes the most bases on the lane wins. Ties are not allowed.


- Opening to pubs is allowed. "MBT zergs and fucken fuuuuuuck, it'll be sick"
Base building is allowed. "Fucken GDI ion cannon the cunts, it'll be siiiiiick"
The more /yell the better! "/Yell fuck off, as if you're not hacking!!"
- Late comers alternate between joining teams as they come, unless teams are uneven then they will join the underpop team. (Your pubs don't count as people for this)
- If a captain cannot make it, then 3rd place is da captain now. 


At end of the battle, teams will pick a players player and a potent enemy to recognise the good players we do keep in this outfit. 


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