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christmas event


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Event details


To celebrate the end of another year for SOCA we are holding a games night on Friday the 23rd of December. All are welcome to attend including community members and friends. We have chosen 2 free to play games this year that we will be playing. You can attend any of the events you wish to.  A schedule is below (although don't expect it to be too accurate on the night!)

We hope to see a big turnout and an enjoyable night for everyone involved.

When: Friday 23rd December 2016 @ 8PM AEDT
Duration: 4+ hours


Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 - Jedi Academy
Tribes Ascend

Note: ALL GAMES ARE FREE TO PLAY! See download links and install instructions below.

8:00PM - 9:30PM AEDT

Jedi Academy

9:30-11:00PM AEDT

Tribes Ascend

11:00PM onwards

Random (PS2/Cards/Drawing Game)

Jedi Academy(1.17gb)
Tribes Ascend (Steam) (4.1gb) 

Jedi Academy


If you have any problems with installations please speak to Neejrow on Teamspeak.

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