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Alpha vs Bravo - Arma 3


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Buckle up kiddies, Alpha (The United States of Milsim) are trying to destroy Bravo's (Freedom fighters for the rights of all SOCA members to not Milsim) weapon caches. Hopefully Digo will have actually made the map and not been a sped about it. ;)

I look forward to the showdown, see you there everyone, come for many laughs and some epic shit talking.

~Chief Terrorist Molotov.

To set up your Mods, Paz has made a guide to help: Click here

If you need help, ask someone who has it all set up, there are plenty of us.


Forum topic: Here

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Hopefully i will be home in time, looking forward to it.

Edited by J.Alfred

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can someone provide the link again?

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So, I was gonna setup Arma using Paz's guide

the link to Download the referenced program to get the mods appears to not direct correctly anymore, it takes you to the home page.

can someone provide the link again?

Going to edit Paz's post so it works again. Will be done soon.

EDIT: All done.

Edited by D.James

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Winner takes all what? I'm confused haha.

Players, and money  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Edited by K.Dorries

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