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The drums are back in!

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    • Charlie Company is back to life once again! MOUNT & BLADE: WARBAND NAPOLEONIC WARS After SOCA's last line battle beginning of 2015 we dropped off the radio due to lack of dedication and interest from most of the boys (PS2 ALL THE WAY THOSE DAYS!). It was great and fun at times and sometimes it fucking suck like our good friend Poundsy felt. The first man to get shot every single time (unlucky man). But how ever due to major communities in the oceanic community can't support clans in this gaming area. A regiment of boys came to me and ask "what will it take to join SOCA?" So I've explained what we do here, our nature here, they totally agree and understand the CoC. SOCA can make a home for those who wish to have and offer terms from both parties.  BACKGROUND: 66e boys are a new regiment formed by an old M&B man I know called Manat. Himself and his team have very interesting new ideas to bring to game and also fulfil it as semi-serious as we do with PS2. They rotate line command for those who wish to show initiate to leadership which is a big thing to us here. They are total 22 people in the regiment with 14 people 100% active for events. They follow our way of structure not throwing massive high ranks out of the wind thinking they run something massive which is a big thing here in SOCA. They play active RTS/FPS games through the week to spice events up during work days. Plus they know how to have a good time with the beers. GOALS FOR SOCA: For SOCA's point of view is to open a new FRONT for dedicated gaming with massive scale combat in a different era and weaponry. This also gives SOCA more personnel to other areas such as PS2 and up coming plans for the community like SQUAD or Star Citizen. For the 66e boys point of view this gives them a opportunity to being apart of something that supports everyone the best it can and help to develop improvements. Plus some members from the community will like to join in on these events and that gives them more people into the M&B line battle activities and play new games with a large amount of people.  WHEN WILL THIS BE HAPPENING: The Complete turn over and transfer to SOCA will happen on the Friday 16th this month. EVENTS: Thursday is training day for the boys on a private server to learn basics and leadership skills within the events. From Fridays to Sunday is all out line battle events, the MAIN ones will be Saturdays and Sundays. Once a month will be a campaign where the AUS community plays on a battlefield that actually happened in that time period and follows a quick history of battles and skirmishers. SO IS M&B GOING TO BE IT FOR CHARLIE: No so right now for this era and style of gameplay there is only Warband at the moment (Muskets or Medieval). The discussions and plans have been put down to be checked once we get full details. We have 3 options that we can move to upgrade Charlie Company because we all are aware it is an old game needs to be something new for us all to play. But however the community in AUS M&B: Warband - Napoleonic Wars is still very highly active around 187 - 200 people full servers in events weekly so we can still have the same experience as the veterans of SOCA once had in 2012 to 2014. Our options are for UPGRADING: 1) Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord (This is high definite to BHQ) -    2) Holdfast: Nations at War (Napoleonic Wars replacement) -  3) War of Right (American Civil War) Other than that guys I will say welcome our new SOCA members next week and wish them the best in there area of gaming  . Kind Regards, DigoAlmino Battalion Commander

      Join SOCA in Vanilla World of Warcraft!

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    • Hey everyone.
      We are proud to announce that SOCA Gaming will be forming a World of Warcraft guild on the upcoming Elysium Project server. This server runs World of Warcraft vanilla (original) with no expansions. The game is FREE TO PLAY and there are no subscription fees. 
      If you are looking to relive your glory days of World of Warcraft back when the game was good (and hard!) then you are welcome to join us. Never played World of Warcraft before? No problem! We have a plethora of very experienced members who will help you learn the ropes.
      Our goals for this are to all level up at a similar rate with your 'group' in the beginning, enjoy the content from the very first dungeons available at low levels, all the way to 60. Click here to view the list of 5 man Dungeons available and their level requirements.
      So invite some mates and roll 5 characters that can do dungeons together, or form a group from the list of SOCA members who will be looking to group up for Dungeons.
      This way it allows people to enjoy the content between levels 11-60 at their own pace. And when the majority of the guild has reached the max level (60) we will start actively gearing up our players by running the first 10 man raid, Upper Blackrock Spire. Eventually we will look in to forming 20 man raids for Zul'Gurub and finally even 40 man raids for The Molten Core!
      Tonight we will be releasing a poll on the forums to let people vote on which faction they would prefer, Horde or Alliance! (Update - Alliance wins!)
      As it stands we have decided to roll our guild onto the PvP fresh-start Elysium server, where all players begin at level 1. The release date for the server will be announced some time tomorrow and should be no more than a week away from this post. (Update - the rollover server starts December 18th but our fresh start server will be sometime mid January)
      Get hyped everyone and we hope you will join us in the World of Warcraft!

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