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Join SOCA in Vanilla World of Warcraft!

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    • Hey everyone. We are proud to announce that SOCA Gaming will be forming a World of Warcraft guild on the upcoming Elysium Project server. This server runs World of Warcraft vanilla (original) with no expansions. The game is FREE TO PLAY and there are no subscription fees.  If you are looking to relive your glory days of World of Warcraft back when the game was good (and hard!) then you are welcome to join us. Never played World of Warcraft before? No problem! We have a plethora of very experienced members who will help you learn the ropes. Our goals for this are to all level up at a similar rate with your 'group' in the beginning, enjoy the content from the very first dungeons available at low levels, all the way to 60. Click here to view the list of 5 man Dungeons available and their level requirements. So invite some mates and roll 5 characters that can do dungeons together, or form a group from the list of SOCA members who will be looking to group up for Dungeons. This way it allows people to enjoy the content between levels 11-60 at their own pace. And when the majority of the guild has reached the max level (60) we will start actively gearing up our players by running the first 10 man raid, Upper Blackrock Spire. Eventually we will look in to forming 20 man raids for Zul'Gurub and finally even 40 man raids for The Molten Core! Tonight we will be releasing a poll on the forums to let people vote on which faction they would prefer, Horde or Alliance! As it stands we have decided to roll our guild onto the PvP fresh-start Elysium server, where all players begin at level 1. The release date for the server will be announced some time tomorrow and should be no more than a week away from this post. Get hyped everyone and we hope you will join us in the World of Warcraft!

      Thank you and Goodbye ARMA

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    • I know i should of done this earlier but @Neejrow loves dinglish. We just removed the ArmA channel from ts since well no one plays it and since the lack of interest/activity cause us to pull the plug and not intend to push forward with it. But through the years with ArmA 3 we had some great runs that people enjoyed and scream like the zombie events or the slaughter of ISIS/Taliban. One of the main reason for it not being huge as PS2 is because of the mods required to get what we wanted to play and enjoy (gigabytes of them haha).
      I do like to thank those who did and try to put effort into the franchise to get another side of the community going but sadly wasn't successful  . I know i did myself put many hours into it developing maps and missions for the community to play so it was hard to let it go for myself because of all the work I did. But after a few Coke & Scotches i forgot all about my work haha.
      Anyway like i said thank you for those who did smash the game with me and pull some hectic missions and operations for others to play.
      Now is this the end of Modern Warfare/Military team work, fuck no. BHQ staff members understand the reason why ArmA wasn't a big hit but we know one game will be at the end of the year SQUAD. We have agreed and we will be beginning that title once it is release, it is made by those who made Project Reality in BF2 (Which is a standalone title now and free). For those who have no idea its mix between Battlefield and ARMA. PvP combat on a large scale 50v50 battlefield with Infantry, Ground Vehicles and Air. 
      More Information visit their site:
      We are looking forward to this title (I am personally) and I know we can deliver some great things and new members to the community.
      Some Pictures/Videos of our experience from ARMA:

      Thank you Gentleman and ta mate

      6 Indie Hack n Shoots in 6 Minutes

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    • Indie games innovate and cross boundaries, defying categorisation or genre-ification. These 6 games (mostly) straddle the boundaries between shootemups, beatemups and hack n slashes, presenting combinations of intense melee and fast pace ranged combat in a variety of perspectives from iso to top down to side scrolling that could be referred to as 'hack n shoots'. The two things they all have in common are being quick to pick up and providing that adrenaline rush we all crave. Inset: wallpaper from Hotline Miami
      Castle Crashers (The Behemoth)
      A light and entertaining story that plays with various medieval fantasy tropes, Castle Crashers integrates RPG mechanics with classic side scrolling shooter/beater elements in an innovatively feudal setting. If its cartoon 2D artstyle seems reminiscent of Newgrounds then you've got a good eye because a lot of the art and music being sourced from the users. Expect barbarian sieges, princess rescues, trolls under bridges and duels with overpowered bosses. It offers fairly seamless 1 to 4 player coop so it's great for friends as well. Castle Crashers is a miniscule 170.5mb and $15 on Steam, or $44 for a 4-pack.

      Bastion (Supergiant Games)
      One of my all time favourite games due to its engaging characters, whimsical art style 2D isometric, heartfelt story, beautiful soundtrack and innovative setting, Bastion still manages to combine this with addictive and variable combat in a post-apocalyptic world. Players can equip two weapons and one of several dozen special abilities with a mix of melee and ranged weapons to choose from. Combat is customisable still further with a variety of powerups for both the player, their weapons and the enemies (for bonus loot). Bastion is 863mb and $15 on Steam.

      Transistor (Supergiant Games)
      A ~not~ sequel to Bastion, Transistor tries hard to follow up on the things which made it popular (art style, themes, voice acting, music, mechanics). Although the story and characters can be pretentious the 2D artstyle and soundtrack are as good as ever while the combat is as pleasantly variable as Bastion but set in a cleverly imagined futuristic utopia amidst the throes of a coup-cross-invasion-cum-natural disaster. Individuals are categorised, activities are logged, malfeasants are surveilled and when NPCs die they become programs to either add unique effects to existing player abilities, or used as powerful new abilities. Transistor is 3192mb and $20 on Steam.

      Halo: Spartan Assault (Vanguard Games with 343 Industries)
      Although designed as a mobile shooter, this game holds up surprisingly strongly on PC with (almost) all the classic Halo weapons and enemies returning - players can equip iconic weapons from the Halo universe and go up against all the old enemies again as Spartan IVs joining an all-out offensive against a loyalist Covenant faction. Combat is slick with ammo being a limiting factor against constantly using the same weapons, and a number of ground vehicle segments offer extremely enjoyable variety with players driving ghosts, grizzlies (super scorpions) and wraiths. The art style is a realistic 3D isometric, the story is typically gritty Halo and although TB felt the music was out of place, this old Halo fan felt it's got that perfect melancholic feel which accompanies every Halo game. Halo: Spartan Assault is 2406mb and an incredibly good price of $3 on Steam.

      Hotline Miami 1 & 2 (Denaton Games with Devolver Digital)
      The best for last - Hotline Miami's topdown 2D artstyle leaves a little to be desired, but the outrun soundtrack and incredibly well designed gameplay more than makes up for it. Some players start out by analysing patrol routes and LOS while meticulously planning out their routes, weapon usage and combos. A few even struggle through the first levels like this but the game doesn't really start until you throw out all the planning and just rush through the level improvising wildly which, when, how you kill every single thing that breathes and moves. Combat is incredibly gory, melee weapons (including an impressive mix of improvised ones) shine brilliantly but guns are a more than enjoyable option (nearly a necessity for some levels). Levels are scored based on speed, combos, weapon variety and finishing moves (sometimes an "enemy" will fall to the ground injured and start blindly crawling for safety). Mechanics and aesthetics are near identical between the first and second game, but the sequel adds new characters, a new story and various new weapons.
      The mindless violence, adrenaline rush and immersion of HM is simply unmatched putting these game(s) into my all time favourites. Hotline Miami 1 is 887mb and $10 on Steam while Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is 685 mb and $15USD but Australians take note... the sequel has been effectively banned (left unrated) by our medieval media classifications board. It's alright though as the developers have specifically said they're more than happy for us to pirate it, and of course there's various tricks to getting around Steam's region locking anyway (the classic method is being gifted it by an overseas friend).

      New Planetside 2 Balance Patch

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    • Been quite a while since the last update, looks like a lot of these changes are pretty decent. The patch is up and live right now, albeit with a few minor bugs which will no doubt be hot fixed soon.
      Here is a full list of the updates.
      New Player Updates
      New Player Adjustments
      In an effort to reduce the gear barrier associated with the new player experience, many improvements have been made to default loadouts, weapon balance adjustments, and better ability power scaling. Starter weapons Non-sniper starting primaries now have access to a free 1x reflex sight. Starter carbines (TRAC-5, Mercenary, Solstice) now have a laser sight unlocked and equipped by default. Starter assault rifles (T1 Cycler, Gauss Rifle, and Pulsar) now have a forward grip unlocked and equipped by default. Starter LMGs (T9 CARV, Gauss SAW, and Orion) now have a forward grip unlocked and equipped by default. Starter Shotguns (Barrage, Mauler, Thanatos) now have Ext. Magazines unlocked and equipped by default. Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles Iron Sights Recoil Recovery Rate from 6 to 10 New “Ballistics Computer” rail attachment has been added to the 99SV, Gauss SPR, and Spectre, and will eliminate scope-sway while equipped. Ballistics Computer is unlocked and equipped by default on 99SV and Spectre. Misc. Adjustments Scope sway has been removed for all non-sniper rifle 6x optics Vehicle Weapons: All 1.25x zooms unlocked and equipped by default. New items
      Chameleon Module (Infiltrator suit only) Suppresses the shield shimmer upon taking damage while cloaked, restores ability energy upon shield shatter. Flight Suit (Light Assault suit only) Increases the fuel capacity of jump jets by 10/13/16/20%. Nano-Regen Capacitor (Combat Medic suit only) Increases the recharge rate of Nano-Regen Device by 20%. Auxiliary Shield (Utility slot item) Passively increases shield health by 50 when equipped. To maintain appropriate lethality, these weapons have been adjusted to account for this utility item: Lumine Edge, Ripper, and Carver activated damage from 1000 to 1050. Titan-150 HE and Supernova VPC indirect max damage from 1000 to 1050. Proximity Mine and Bouncing Betty indirect max damage from 1000 to 1050. Blackhand min damage from 250 to 275. Ability Adjustments
      Regeneration Field renamed Shield Recharging Field Triage (Combat Medic) Rank 1 of this ability has been granted by default. Heal over time from 2/4/7/10/14 health per second to 10/15/20/25/30 health per second. Nano-Regen Device (Combat Medic) Ability scaling has been adjusted; lower-ranks of this ability will now be more effective. Energy capacity standardized for all ranks. Cert line now increases recharge rate by 8/11/14/17/20%, max rank benefits unchanged. Jump Jets (Light Assault) Renamed Skirmisher Jump Jets Ability scaling has been adjusted; lower-ranks of this ability will now be more effective. Cert line now increases fuel and recharge rates by 8/11/14/17/20%, max rank benefits unchanged. Drifter Jump Jets (Light Assault) Recharge rate standardized for all ranks. Rank 1 flight time from 7 sec. to 15 sec. Now increases total flight time by 0/4/7/11/15 seconds. Slightly reduced sink caused by lateral movement. Nano-Armor Cloak (Infiltrator) No longer suppresses shield shimmer when damage is taken while cloaked (effect has been moved to Chameleon Module suit slot.) Now passively increases shield health by 100 in all states. Scythe, Reaver and Mosquito Nanite Auto Repair: Regen Delay lowered to 8 seconds down from 12. Engineers piloting Scythes, Reaver or Mosquitos will enable health regeneration on the vehicle equivalent to rank 1 nanite auto repair system but with a 12 second damage delay. This does not stack with the nanite auto repair item. Starter Loadouts
      Various reconfigurations were made, and one max-rank suit slot has been given to each class. Infiltrator LONG RANGE SNIPER Primary: Default Sniper Rifle Suit: Chameleon Module Tool: Recon Detect Device Ability: Hunter Cloak Utility: Auxiliary Shield SPEC-OPS HACKER Primary: Default Sniper Rifle (disabled via Stalker Cloak) Suit: Chameleon Module Tool: Motion Spotter Ability: Stalker Cloak Utility: Auxiliary Shield Light Assault ROOFTOP SKIRMISHER Primary: Default Carbine Suit: Advanced Shield Capacitor Tool: Rocklet Rifle Ability: Skirmisher Jump Jets Utility: Auxiliary Shield CLOSE-RANGE AMBUSHER Primary: Default Shotgun Suit: Ammunition Belt Tool: Rocklet Rifle Ability: Skirmisher Jump Jets Utility: Auxiliary Shield Combat Medic MID-RANGE SUPPORT Primary: Default Assault Rifle Suit: Nano-Regen Capacitor Tool: Medical Applicator Ability: Nano-Regen Device Utility: Auxiliary Shield CLOSE-RANGE DEFENDER Primary: Default Shotgun Suit: Nanoweave Armor Tool: Medical Applicator Ability: Nano-weave Armor Utility: Auxiliary Shield Engineer REPAIR & RESUPPLY Primary: Default Carbine Suit: Flak Armor Tool: Nano-Armor Kit Ability: AI MANA Turret Utility: Auxiliary Shield CLOSE-RANGE DEFENDER Primary: Default Shotgun Suit: Advanced Shield Capacitor Tool: Nano-Armor Kit Ability: AI MANA Turret Utility: Auxiliary Shield Heavy Assault FRONT-LINE FIGHTER Primary: Default LMG Suit: Nanoweave Armor Ability: NMG Tool: Default Rocket Launcher Utility: Auxiliary Shield ANTI-VEHICLE Primary: Default LMG Suit: Munitions Pouch Ability: NMG Tool: Default Rocket Launcher Utility: Auxiliary Shield Other Changes and Additions
      New Player Studio Items, with more unlocking throughout the month Client and Server performance improvements Added an improved camo selector for easier browsing and application of global camos Reduced capture time of large outposts to 15 minutes from 21 minutes when holding 2/3 of the capture points; capture time when holding all points scales down as well to around 5 minutes. Melee Weapon Adjustments Standard Knife – Wielded Melee Refire time from 500ms to 400ms Sprint Block override from 300ms to 250ms Ability Block override from 500ms to 300ms Projectile lifespan from 0.1 seconds to 0.12 seconds Projectile collision radius from 0.1 to 0.2 Power Knife – Quick Attack Now uses a standard "melee swing" during quick melee Animation duration from 625ms to 450ms Firing delay from 125ms to 0ms Detection range from 5m to 0m Sprint Block override from 450ms to 300ms Ability block override from 500ms to 333ms Power Knife – Wielded Refire time from 500ms to 675ms Firing delay from 125ms to 75ms Projectile lifespan from 0.1 seconds to 0.12 seconds Power Knife – Activated Refire time from 500ms to 675ms Firing delay from 125ms to 75ms Projectile lifespan from 0.1 seconds to 0.12 seconds Air to Air Tuning Air to Air (Tomcat/Photon Pods) range increase certification line from 10m per rank to 16m per rank Coyote direct damage from 100 to 75 Coyotes have received minor tracking adjustments which should make them possible to dodge Air Hammer indirect minimum damage from 50 to 20 Light PPA indirect minimum damage from 1 to 25 Light PPA indirect max damage radius from 0.75m to 1m High-Capacity fuel tanks from 200% capacity increase to 220% capacity increase Texture quality is now higher for each Overall Quality level Overall quality High now has Ultra texture quality Overall quality Medium now has High texture quality Overall quality Low now has Medium texture quality Overall quality Very Low now has Low texture quality Existing settings are not affected; only new installations or if you change your overall quality will affect these settings Expanded the NBZ around Tawrich Tech Plant No build zones will no longer LOD out as quickly at extreme range on the minimap Join Outfit directive no longer auto tracked Updated Koltyr lockout string to "You are too experienced to fight on Koltyr" to improve messaging for characters that are under BR 15 but are on veteran accounts that no longer qualify for Koltyr. Black Plasma Camo can now be applied to weapons and characters Defaulted main map default deploy location to the quick spawn location Underbarrel Smoke Grenade now has unique fire audio Reduced mass of Ammo packs Region HIVE efficiency updated The ANT mineral radar is now passive (no longer occupies the utility slot) and the first rank is auto granted. Anyone who purchased the mineral radar utility will have their certs refunded (and will need to repurchase any ranks in the passive skill line) Dual photon pod projectiles are now more visible on low settings All ranks of the medical applicator now revives soldiers at 100% health instead of just the final rank. (Does not apply to MAX units). Removed distortion and autotile when close from all construction related shields Territory capture victory points now begin being granted at 15% of regions held; this means that all faction will now start the map with 5-6 Victory Points. Victory Points needed to capture a continent has been increase to 20 from 15 Note: Some maps start with uneven territory distribution and therefore start with uneven VP Added a WidowMaker armor decal, and allowed it to be set as an outfit decal. Updated spot callout VO for the Flash, Liberator, and Valkyrie to make use of more specific VO lines. Moved Ace Tool lower in the screen when holding a construction object Improvements to edge case handling for the instant action system Added a light to the top of the Cortium Solo that correlates to its power meter A minor tracking delay has been reintroduced to G2A and G2G lock-on launchers. Structure Shield Module Damage interrupt duration for shields generated by the Structure Shield Module (excluding HIVE Bubble shield) has been increased to 1.5 seconds from 1 second Health regen rate for shields generated by the Structure Shield Module (excluding HIVE Bubble shield) has been decreased to 200 per second from 330 per second Intitial health (health after spawning) for shields generated by the Structure Shield Module (excluding HIVE Bubble shield) has been decreased to 500 from 1000 Adjusted tooltips for various weapon attachments. The Flash ATV can now unlock a Gate Shield Diffusor. NS-AM7 Archer can now destroy small deployables in a single shot. Harasser's Composite Armor should no longer cover the decal locations. Bug Fixes
      Fixed bug where vehicle engine audio would stop updating after switching drivers. Fixes for some misaligned shields at Biolabs on Amerish and Indar Fix for a geo exploit at Xenotech Labs Fix for a wall clipping issue at T.I. Alloys Fix for a wall clipping issue Koltyr Biolab Outpost Fix for a geo clipping issue at Hvar Tech Plant Fix for a geo clipping issue at Auraxicom Network Hub Fixes for minor terrain issues near Peris Amp Station Terrain fix at Allatum Broadcast Hub Fix for an area where players could get stuck at Onatha North Gate Fix for wall clipping issue at Amp Stations Fix for a geo clipping issue at The Ascent Fix for a collision issue with Courtyard Building A ANT terminal will now LOD properly at medium distance Sunderer Riot Armor will now LOD properly at long distance while deployed Corrected alignment issue with character name on the death screen Fixed an issue causing placement of second waypoints to fail under certain conditions Added additional objects to prevent Sunderers from entering the vehicle terminal area at Splitpeak Pass Added a NBZ to the east of Xelas North Gate Fix for a misaligned shields at Freyr Amp Station Fix for misaligned roof shield at Bunker J993 Corrected the landing area for a jump pad at East Onatha Comm. Array Austria Vehicle Decal should no longer be listed in the infantry gear section of the depot Fixed a bug that allowed MAX units to pilot vehicles if they switched into one while in the vehicle queue Fixed an issue with Orion suppressor audio playing an incorrect sound The Crown’s C point should now be covered by a NBZ Added a NBZ to Auraxium Cryobank Speculative fix for players spawning to different locations than requested on the map Tank primary cannons will animate properly again when firing. Basic Training directive kills should no longer update in VR Fixed incorrect silencer audio on TRAP-M1 and TS2 Inquisitor Fixed Northeast ammo tower at Mekala Tech Plant on Amerish Sunderer A7Comm Array should no longer cause cosmetic exterior items to not display Fixed issue where the Sunderer Logistics ribbon and directive would not properly update. Portugal Armor Decal should no longer be listed in the vehicle gear section of the depot Speculative fix for falling through the world at spawn in Fixed an issue where Medic Triage did not work with the Valkrye and ANT. Fixed geo clipping issue near Quartz Ridge Camp Fixed invisible collision issue at Peris Amp Station Fixed a floating window panel at Indar Bay Point Fixed invisible collision issue at Elli Amp Station Fixed geo players could get stuck in east of Aacan Storage Depot Fixed geo clipping issues at Hatcher Airstation Fixed invisible collision issues at Hossin Amp Stations Addressed some collision issues at Ikanam Biolab Fixed geometry at Chimney Rock Depot that could cause players to get stuck Fixed invisible collision issues at Amerish Amp Stations Fixed floating object near Hvar Databank Fixed a bug that could cause freelook in aircraft to stop working Fixed a number of damage resist issues with the ANT C-Barrier shield, including some weapons not causing damage. LC2 Lynx' forward grip now properly reduces horizontal recoil by 25%, was previously reducing recoil by 16.5%. MAX units now equip Enhanced Targeting implant by default MAX unit's ANTI-AIR loadout now properly equips default NS-10 Burster Fixed geo that allowed players to get below the world near Heyoka Chemical Fixed a floating lightpole at Bunker J993 Addressed a collision issue near Quartz Ridge Camp Addressed a collision issue near Indar Comm Array Fixed Infantry Tower roof shields, they should now block appropriate fire Fixed collision issue near Wokuk Shipping Dock Addressed occlusion issues at the north corner of Chimney Rock Depot Addressed occlusion issues NW of Onatha Southwest Gate Fixed invisible collision issue at NC Arsenal Made adjustments to the Saron HRB to mitigate the weapon potentially blinding the driver Mosquito Ravage Armor will no longer be visible in 1st person Addressed some collision issues at Bridge Ward Fixed issue with ANT Auraxium Lumifiber not appearing correctly. Fixed an issue where the repair tool would not play audio when repairing cloaked vehicles for some factions. When repairing a cloaked vehicle, the repair shimmer is only visible to the local player (only the player repairing the vehicle sees the shimmer, no one else) All ranks of the repair tool are now able to deconstruct enemy tank mines. Previously, only the max rank would enable tank mine deconstruction.  

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